CarboCode - The glycosphingolipid company


CarboCode has been seeking collaboration/partnership opportunities with the following organizations:

  • ​​​Organizations owning complementary technology excellence directly linked to CarboCode’s technology platform such as carbohydrate/lipid metabolic engineering of microbes and site directed enzyme evolution of carbohydrate/lipid processing enzymes​​
  • Organizations owning scale-up infrastructure/excellence in chemical, biocatalytic and fermentation technologies
  • Organizations owning GMP pilot plants/excellence suitable for safety-toxicology/clinical trial sample preparations in chemistry/biocatalysis/fermentation
  • Organizations involved in glycosphingolipid precursor/intermediate production including either/both lipid and carbohydrate type products
  • Organizations owning industrial GMP/non-GMP production capacities in chemistry, biocatalysis and fermentation
  • Organizations involved in cosmetic, food and pharmaceutical regulatory activities
  • Cosmetic and food ingredient companies having an interest to participate in glycosphingolipid innovation targeting production/commercialization activities
  • Cosmetic and nutrition companies interested in functional cosmetics and functional food developments
  • Pharmaceutical companies involved in CNS drug development
  • Commercial and academic organizations involved in glycobiology/neuroscience capable to run pre-clinical studies
  • Organizations dedicated for the fight against Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, Huntington’s disease, after stroke neuroprotective treatments, brain and spinal cord injury treatment
  • Organizations seeking for nutritional solutions against age related cognitive decline